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Driving With Suspended License

Driving With a Suspended License in Washington
Under Washington law, RCW Chapter 46.20, it is a crime to drive a motor vehicle in this state when oneís license is suspended or revoked. A personís license is suspended when it is taken away for less than a year, and is revoked when it is taken for more than a year. Both driving with a suspended and driving with a revoked license are generally shortened to "DWLS."
There are three degrees of DLWS, in order of increasing severity: Third, Second and First.
Generally, DWLS 3rd is committed when a driver does not have a valid license, but could have gotten a license from the DOL. The most common method of license suspension in this degree happens when a person fails to respond to a traffic ticket, and their license is suspended. In such a scenario, a person could cancel the suspension (assuming no other causes of suspension) by paying off the fine. The criminal charge would remain, however. DWLS 3rd is a simple misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days in jail and $1000 fine. There is no mandatory minimum jail.
Generally, DWLS 2nd is committed when a driver does not have a license, and is not eligible to get it back. This usually happens when a person's license is currently suspended due to a DUI or Reckless Driving conviction. Conviction of DWLS 2nd results in addition year suspension of the driverís license unless the sentencing court orders otherwise. DWLS 2nd is a gross misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $5000 fine. There is no mandatory minimum jail, but it is often imposed.
DWLS 1st is committed when a driver has a revoked license and is classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO). A person becomes a HTO either by having three or more major moving violations in a five year period, or by having 20 or more committed traffic infractions. Upon reaching this status, a personís license is revoked for seven (7) years, but early reinstatement is possible. Conviction for a first time offense means a mandatory minimum jail term of ten days.† The second conviction results in a mandatory minimum of ninety days in jail, and the third (and subsequent) conviction means a mandatory 180 days in jail.
Significant fines are imposed at all levels, for all convictions.
Ashbach Law Offices, LLC has successfully represented clients charged with DWLS First, Second, and Third Degrees in King, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties, saving our clients from additional license suspensions and revocations, preventing convictions, and keeping our clients out of lengthy jail sentences. Such results include outright dismissals, reductions of charges, agreements to dismiss, and court orders to prevent additional license suspensions.
In Snohomish County, Driving with Suspended or Revoked License charges are typically filed in Cascade District Court, Edmonds Municipal Court, Everett District Court, Everett Municipal Court, Evergreen District Court, Lynnwood Municipal Court, Marysville Municipal Court, and South District Court.
In Skagit County, Driving with Suspended or Revoked License Charges are typically filed in Anacortes Municipal Court, Burlington Municipal Court, Mount Vernon Municipal Court, Sedro-Woolley Municipal Court, and Skagit County District Court.
In Whatcom County, Driving with Suspended or Revoked License Charges are typically filed in Bellingham Municipal Court, Blaine Municipal Court, Ferndale Municipal Court, Lynden Municipal Court, Sumas Municipal Court, and Whatcom County District Court.
In King County, Driving with Suspended or Revoked License Charges are typically filed in Auburn Municipal Court, Black Diamond Municipal Court, Bothell Municipal Court, Issaquah Municipal Court, Kent Municipal Court, Kirkland Municipal Court, Renton Municipal Court, SeaTac Municipal Court, Seattle Municipal Court, Tukwila Municipal Court, and the many divisions of King County District Court.
Our office has successfully represented clients from courts ranging from South King County up to North Whatcom, and the courts in between.
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